Keeping the tradition alive

Traditional children’s entertainment, brought up to date for modern audiences – still just as fun and entertaining!

“The children loved the magic!”

Children can’t get enough of our magic shows. The excitement, the unknown and the laughter all add to hours of memorable fun. 

Our magician makes the shows fun and exciting, pausing for dance breaks and party games in between. 

Magic Bob and his trusty assistants Gary the Seagull and Derek the Dog are on hand to perform tricks, play games and possibly cause some mischief! 

Magic Bob performs a wide range of professional looking tricks for the children. To end the show, each child will receive their very own balloon turned into anything (within reason!) their imaginations can come up with.


“The Children couldn’t stop laughing and kept on talking about the show for weeks after”


With adaptable shows for varied audiences and countless tricks, games and illusions the kids will be kept happy and occupied for hours with laughter, fun and excitement!! 


With all that in mind, there is only one question left…why haven’t you booked one of our magic shows for your next children’s party?

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