Card reader!!

We’ve had a special delivery today! Our brand new card reader has arrived! This means that we now don’t just take online payments, we can accept card payments with our chip and pin reader. For smaller payments like glitter tattoos, we also take contactless and apple/android pay. #steppingintothefuture Read More »

New flyers!!

We've had our new flyers delivered today for our glitter tattoos!! We absolutely love them, what do you think?? Don't forget to book our glitter tattoos, or any of our other services, for your next upcoming event! Got somewhere to put one up? Why not get in touch!! Read More »


With our new website, you can easily read about all of our many services that we offer. We wanted our new website to be available to our customers as soon as possible so we have released it early. This means that a few things aren't quite finished. An example of this is that our services… Read More »

Welcome to our new website!

Hello there!! Welcome to our brand new website! We hope you love our new site as much as we do. There are still a few glitches and things that need finishing off so please just bare with these. You will soon be able to find, and read about all of our services that we offer… Read More »