Terms & conditions

Please read all of the terms and conditions below before deciding to make a booking.



  • Making a booking


      1. The client shall ensure that all details given of the venue are correct.
      2. If the dj inspects the venue and finds any differences the dj will report to the client to resolve this matter.
      3. There will be adequate set up time available. Usually 90 minutes before the start time of the event and 60 minutes after the event to break the set down.
      4. The client should indicate what access is available, stairs, lifts, car parking etc. Prior to the event.
      5. The client and the dj both confirm that there is no third party interest on the booking and no previous bookings of these dates for this event.
      6. Any non-payment of a deposit could allow us to change our work schedule without prior notice.
      7. When a booking enquiry is made it will be placed under a temporary notice until a deposit is made.
      8. We reserve the right to accept other bookings for the date in question after one week if the deposit is not paid.
      9. To confirm a booking you must  complete and return a booking form and pay a deposit. 
      10. Please note that a party is not booked and confirmed until either a deposit has been paid and cleared where appropriate.
      11. You will receive a confirmation from us, acknowledging payment and to confirm the booking.
      12. Please note for bank transfer payments, we require an email from you to notify us that the payment has been made and for the deposit or full payment to have cleared into our bank account.
      13. We reserve the right to refuse a booking or to cancel an existing booking for any reason, given or not.
      14. This includes but is not limited to if a customer is abusive or threatening in some way, or we feel a booking might put an entertainer in a dangerous, inappropriate or uncomfortable position.
      15. All forms of booking forms must be returned at least 4 weeks before the booking.
      16. By submitting the form you are agreeing to these term and conditions.  
      17. You will be sent a ‘final’ pdf version of the booking form, usually within five days of the application.


  • Post contract performances


    1. Requests for extra playing time will be granted where feasible, subject to venue restrictions & the agreement of venue officials where appropriate.
    2. This decision is entirely up to the dj and they have every right to finish at the allocated contracted time.
    3. Extra playing time will be charged at the rate of £30 per hour to be paid in cash before the period of extra time commences. 



  • Payments


    1. Unless you have already paid the balance in full, the remaining balance for the entertainment must always be paid in cash on the day to the entertainment team.
    2. The remaining balance for a booking is payable to the entertainment team on the day in cash immediately after the party entertainment is completed.
    3. Please note we cannot accept discount vouchers, cheques, card payments or any other form of payment.
    4. Payment is requested straight after the entertainment is completed.
    5. We regret that we cannot be asked to wait for payment as we may have to leave straight away to get to another booking.
    6. Please note, we do not accept cheques.
    7. If you use internet banking, you can make a payment straight into our bank account via bacs.
    8. If paying by bacs, please ensure you include your surname and the date of your event as a reference.
    9. Non-payment of any fees owed within 30 days after the date of the event will result in legal action.
    10. If your deposit has not been made by the day of your event we reserve the right to not attend and charge you for the full amount due.
    11. All deposit payments and booking costs are non refundable or transferable.
    12. Failure to comply with this condition will result in the immediate termination of the contract.
    13. We reserves the right to amend, alter or correct any advertised prices or promotions on the website and printed media without any prior notice.
    14. Please note that until you have had a confirmation from us acknowledging payment of a deposit, our services are not booked.
    15. We will hold a booking for one week, if a deposit is not paid by then we reserve the right to cancel and accept other bookings.


  • Cancellations


    1. The dj will be holding your date exclusively for you and will turn away all other work. 
    2. The potential loss of work in the event of a cancellation is real and tangible therefore we will charge a cancellation fee. 
    3. Cancellations must be made in writing or by e-mail.
    4. If you wish to cancel a party, notice must be given in writing and you must have received acknowledgement back .
    5. Please note we cannot accept messages left on voice mail as notification. 
    6. No telephone cancellations can be accepted.
    7. If the client cancels within 30 days prior to the event the cancellation fee is 100% of the balance outstanding.
    8. Should the event be cancelled for reasons entirely beyond the clients control then all payments, apart from the deposit, will be returned or a new date set if required.
    9. We will try to fulfil our obligations in the events of unforeseen circumstances by any other means should this be necessary.
    10. The deposit is non refundable in the case of any cancellations from the time of booking.
    11. You may be able to change a date/time, should you wish but this is subject to our availability and discretion.
    12. If for any reason a party has to be cancelled on the day of the party, notice must be given before we have started to travel to the party destination.
    13. If for any reason we have to cancel a party due to extreme weather conditions then your deposit would be fully refundable and no other payments required.
    14. In the event of extreme weather conditions, then you can cancel our services and get a full refund on the deposit but only if your entertainer is unable to get to the party.
    15. If the entertainer is able to get to the party and you still cancel then the deposit is non refundable.
    16. However, you may transfer it to another date.



  • Conduct


    1. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all guests conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times.
    2. The client must be responsible for all guests and their actions.
    3. The client will provide adequate supervision of its guests, including children, at the venue, and will be liable for any loss of or damage to the DJ/entertainer’s equipment or personnel belongings, caused by guests attending the function.
    4. No violent, aggressive or abusive behaviour from anyone under any circumstances will be tolerated, and we reserve the right to terminate the disco at any time if any personal safety is under threat.
    5. We do not take responsibility for ejecting any unwanted persons from any venue.
    6. The client will be advised of any problems arising in this respect with any guests.
    7. In the event of a minors function there must be the legal ratio of responsible persons to minors.
    8. We will act in a fully responsible attitude at all times, during our attendance to the venue, we will set up and run as requested by the client unless the legal requirement is different which will be pointed out and stated.
    9. We will be responsible for producing certificates of public liability insurance (PLI) and portable appliance testing (PAT).
    10. We are not liable in any way for any injuries that may occur to third parties due to the actions of the client, guests, customers or staff. This may include, but is not restricted to inebriation, use of drugs or other (self) abusive actions.
    11. We will behave in a proper and professional manner during the engagement, and will respond favorably to requests regarding volume, music and any other reasonable requests made by the client, guests, customers or staff.



  • Security


    1. The client will be responsible for the safety and security of any theft of items belonging to our staff.
    2. We are not liable for any damage on the venue; any potential hazard must be pointed out by the client or the venue staff at the time of set-up.
    3. The client is also responsible for any damage to our equipment caused by any person at the event.
    4. The client will be charged for the full cost of any repairs required.
    5. The client will be advised of any damage as soon as it is caused.



  • Health and Safety


    1. In the event of fire, flooding, public disturbance, terrorist activity or any other threat to the public, we will not be responsible to help in any way or evacuate any venue or building where we are present and / or working within, unless the fire regulations for the venue specify otherwise.
    2. This would usually incur a vocal announcement.
    3. Unless given permission no guest/member of staff may use or move any equipment belonging to the DJ/Performer/Entertainer.
    4. The client will ensure there is adequate supervision of guests, customers and staff at the engagement, and will be liable for any loss of, or damage to our equipment, vehicles or personal belongings, whether caused by the client, guests, customers, staff or any other person(s) within the outside perimeter of the venue and its car parking facilities. 



  • The venue


    1. The client will allow suitable time for the installation and dismantling, and removal of equipment (minimum of one hour). 
    2. The client also ensures that safe and adequate power is available.
    3. We will ensure that any equipment that requires connection to a power source is electrically safe and PAT tested.
    4. The client must ensure that the entire venue has all relevant licences, and conforms to all the local bye-laws as we cannot perform in a venue that has not got all required licences.
    5. The client must ensure that there is adequate parking for us on the night, for off-loading and loading of the equipment, in a safe and secure manner.
    6. Should there be items stolen during this procedure it is the responsibility of the client.
    7. If the performance start time is delayed due to the inability of our team to gain access to the performance area, or any other delay beyond our reasonable control, we will not be liable for any refund whatsoever.
    8. If you are booking other entertainment (e.g. Singer, comedian, band etc) as well as hiring ourselves, please consider & think about the amount of space available and where the client is going to put the disco.
    9. Speaker location is usually best if it is no greater than 10 metres either side from the position of our set up.
    10. We also reserve the right to refuse to continue any event prior to the start should there not be sufficient floor space which would not allow the audio / lighting equipment to be assembled safely.
    11. We reserve the right to substitute alternative entertainment should uncontrollable circumstances dictate the need to do so.
    12. We will be responsible for producing certificates of public liability insurance and PAT testing carried out on our equipment.
    13. We will not be responsible for any damage or loss to private or public property caused by invited guests or members of the public.
    14. We require access to the function room at least one hour prior to the start time to set up the equipment.
    15. It is the clients responsibility to inform the venue that we can only set up in a limited window of time which will relate to access to the performance area and the optional extras you may have chosen.
    16. The client will ensure that a parking space is allocated for us for the duration of the engagement (including time to load and unload equipment), as close as possible to the entrance nearest to the designated setting up area in the performance area. 
    17. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the function room is equipped with at least two standard 240 volt, 13 amp electrical sockets for my sole use, within 10 meters of the proposed set up area.
    18. In the event of engagements held outside, or in a marquee, the client will also ensure that the supplied electrical power is 100% safe, fully regulated and impossible to be shorted by ingress of water.
    19. The client will also ensure that the set up/performance area for our DJ is completely waterproof.
    20. We reserve the right to suspend the engagement if the performance area becomes unsafe in any manner. 
    21. It is the clients responsibility to inform us if the venue has a sound limiter or any other venue sound imposed enforcements.
    22. Upon the conclusion of the engagement, we will require approximately one hour to remove the equipment, load equipment into our vehicle(s) and vacate the premises.
    23. Therefore, if the venue has a set time by which the premises must be vacated, you should set the end time of the engagement to be no less than forty-five minutes, but preferably one hour prior to this time.



  • Health and safety


    1. If we deem any persons or property to be under threat, verbally or physically, we reserve the right to terminate any services without notice and without recourse.
    2. Should this happen, no refunds will be made.
    3. Only staff our staff will operate any equipment and lighting.
    4. Under no circumstances may unauthorized personnel tamper, remove or attempt to use any performance equipment.
    5. We cannot accept responsibility for damage to property, or injury to persons caused directly by third party intervention and the client is liable to locate or replace any missing or stolen equipment belonging to us. 
    6. All bookings should be taken on the understanding that the venue is in possession of the necessary licenses.
    7. We are not responsible if the venue is found to be in breach of the terms of their license.
    8. It is a condition under our public liability insurance policy that the venues which the insured we work, have in their own public liability insurance.
    9. We will always have at least one first aid qualified member of staff on duty.
    10. Any children under the age of 8 year old should have an accompanying adult with them or a ratio of one adult to four children.   
    11. Please note, for safety reasons, at least one other adult, in addition to the entertainer, must be present the whole time the entertainment is running.
    12. This does not mean they have to be helping with the party, but they must be present should they be needed in the event of an accident arising.
    13. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure this happens.
    14. We retain the right not to conduct certain activities if we feel the children are not responding appropriately, or are too riotous and therefore we deem it unsuitable to conduct certain activities at the party.
    15. Please note that balloons can pose a choking hazard and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that children are using balloons safely.
    16. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that children do not inhale helium, as this can cause severe health problems.



  • Photography & video 


    1. We reserve the right to take photo’s & video the event.
    2. This will be very sparingly or in most cases not at all.
    3. Video and photos may be used for promotional purposes only and displayed online and in printed & social media.
    4. You are more than welcome to have copies after the event, when requested.
    5. If you wish to protect your privacy, then this is of course no problem at all.
    6. If requested on booking then no photos or video will be taken. 


  • Liability


    1. Please note we do not take responsibility for children causing damage to a venue or any property that the party is held in.
    2. This includes, but is not limited to a home, hired venue or public area.
    3. By booking a our services, you understand that you release us from any liability associated with accidents of any kind.
    4. This includes but is not limited to accidents occurring to any adults or children.
    5. You also release us from any liability associated with accidents or damage caused to furniture, fixtures or fitting or property of any kind not belonging to ourselves.
    6. In the unlikely event that refunds or compensation is requested, you accept that any refunds or compensation given, will be limited to the total value of the cost of hiring our services.
    7. If parties are held anywhere other than your home, we will assume that you have either hired the hall or had permission to use the space, and have deemed the space suitable and safe to use.
    8. Please note that, although it is extremely unlikely to happen, we reserve the right to cancel a party at any time, either before or during the party.
    9. This may include, but is not limited to, cancelling a party if we deem the venue to be unsuitable or if we feel that there are circumstances present of any kind that would be unsuitable to run a party.



  • Children’s parties



    1. For children’s parties, you must complete a request form and return it prior to the event.
    2. Booking times are when the party starts and ends.
    3. We will arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the booking time.
    4. All children should be collected at the time the party ends
    5. These terms and conditions do not relate to external entertainment arrangements ie hired bouncy castles or entertainers.
    6. These organisations will have their own terms, conditions and payment process and are a separate contractual agreement.
    7. Please note that we cannot offer to guarantee providing any one specific entertainer.
    8. This includes but is not limited to being unable to provide an entertainer/s based on their gender, age, ethnicity, or religion.

What we need to conduct the entertainment:

  1. We will need access to electricity.
    1. Usually if the party is indoors this will be no problem.
    2. If your party is outside we would ask you to ensure there is access to electricity.
      1. If you are using extension cables/leads for outside then please ensure the cables are running along completely dry ground and they are not in contact with any wet or damp surfaces.
      2. We cannot be responsible for not being able to provide activities that require electricity, due to power failures or tripped circuits at the venue we are operating in.
  2. During the party the customer must ensure at least 1 adult is present in the same room for the entire duration of the entertainment.
    1. This is in case accidents should occur or children need to go to the toilet.
    2. We regret, for safety reasons, we cannot conduct the entertainment unless at least one adult is present in the room the entire time.
  3. During our parties we ask that no food or drink is provided during the actual entertainment that might distract children from the entertainment whilst it is happening.
    1. E.g. Buffet food out on a table for children to access.


We reserve the right to alter any or all of the above at any time. If you would like further clarification of what any of the above means or you are unsure of any of our terms please feel free to get in touch!

Many thanks,

DJ – JT & Team!